Gia 100% Uncut
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2001-04-13 03:20:02 (UTC)

It's funny how things work out sometimes

I just came across aother lady's diiary. Apparently she's a
teacher an she has an incurable neve disease and it will
kill her in 5-10 years. She tells a story of one of her
students who was "mad as hell" because he had earned a
failing grade. Of couse he was angered at her because she
was the one who had to bubble that grade in. She goes on to
say that te boy had shown his anger by throwing a pen at
her. Later he came back to her class and said "I heard
you're dying." She confirmed and the boy said "Miss, I want
you to be okay. Kee the faith and everything will be okay."
As I read that I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Itjust
goes o sho that thereis hope for people. Here is this
ditraught kid who, one minute doesn't care if this lady is
on the grill of a mack truck, and the next, is hugging this
woman telling her that he's in her corner.

Take it from a person who has interned w/kids. You can
think they are the most annoying little shits in the world,
all the while hoping that they do have a decent bone in
their body, and when they finally show you that they do,
that one second seeing them smile, or hearing a kind word,
or experiencing that short embrace, makes your job worth
doing. I think that the lady to whom that diary belongs
deserves an award of some sort.

Now on to something totally different... I just came back
from the comedy club and logged on here. I got picked on
twice! I was so happy! I was in my usual seat - front row
to the far left. Tonight the guy's name was Tommy Blaze or
something like that. I thought it'd be Johnny Blaze but it
wasn't. The time before that it was Kevin Meaney, (That guy
is so cool) and I'm going again Saturday. I don't know who
will be there then... and in May I'm going to see Maryellen
Hooper. I can't wait! She has that ditzy quality but she
uses it to her advantage.

Crys got a new blue ZX2, identical to the one my brother
had. We took her cousin w/us and at the end of the night I
busted my ass in front of everyone on the way out of the
club. Waaaah! That shit always happens to me.

Well, I'm done for the night.