Dreamscape 2: Waking
2002-01-10 04:49:45 (UTC)


I'll be giving up my hermitage tonight until some point due
to my weak will. At least I'll have a way I comfortable
drinking available to me though...

Greg has Smoked Boarshead Liverwurst, and he's rubbing that
fact in.

Rich served up some really nice steaks on the Gearge
Foreman grill, the tater tots were a nice touch.

Kait and Anson are an unneccessary part of my life, I need
to find ways of handling their connection by association.

Books for the semester will be expensive, the only class
the bookstore could give me an indication will run at least
71 dollars, 3 more to go, each of which should cost more
than that.

I'll be leaving now, I hope my next entry is more

Living a Dream, sleeping too much,
Things fit together in ways I can never understand.