2002-01-10 04:42:53 (UTC)



ninth january poved to be a big day for me.. dy's gone to
london.. i dont really noe what to say but i noe that
things are left up to fate..

i stood there facin the otehr side of the direction..
partially becoz i was trying to hide from her mom but
mostly becoz i cldnt stand the sight of losing someone i
love so much, seeing her pack away and leavin me behind..

it is difficult, dilah said.. to noe that someone u love is
somewhere out there far away.. i noe its a consolation but
there are a plenty of things that reminds me of her..
though i will miss her physically...

baby, i will miss you.. when u left i cldnt take it..
seeing u hug everyone was like as if u were tryin to cut
them off from ur life.. baby.. when u came to hug me all i
cld think of was hoe i cld just have u to myself.. i have
been crying since yesterday.. my eyes are swollen
bitterly.. 'the plane leaves in an hours time, hold me till
our last goodbye, silence is the only sound no words can
speak it thru...' that was all that was goin on in my mind..
after u hugged me, i realised that u were leavin me.. i
cldnt take it... my heart was heavy.. i kept tellin myself
i had to let you go, but i cldnt bear to see you go.. so i
left dear, i walked away... i cldnt bear to see u leave and
wave goodbye...

baby it meant so much to me taht u called me before u
board.. all this while, i cldnt say that i love you becoz
of the situation we were in.. i had to keep it to myself,
but during that phonecall i just had to say it.. i want you
to remember.. i love you baby, i do..

when u said u had to go.. i noe it was up..

goodbye baby... please remember me..

loving you always,
thinkin of you always,
waitin for you always..