Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
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2002-01-10 03:56:50 (UTC)

January 9, 2002: Really Confused & Crampy

Hey, I really don't feel like writing an intro nor recap my
week or anything. I just really need to write right
on 'cause it REALLY helps me sort out my feelings. So
accept my forgiveness now if any of this doesn't make sense.

God, I'm sick, I have my period, and I just feel all icky.
Not to meantion I have a headache from trying to sort of my
guy problems.

Okay, every since the kiss between Kyle and me all we've
done was flirt. I'm really starting to get tired of it but
there's still this attraction that I feel between him that
makes me want to keep flirting. Arggg!!!!

Then, I don't remember if I told you that Ryan broke up
with his girlfriend but anywho, we've been talking a lot
and I didn't know if I should look into it show I just
shruged it off as excess free time on his part. So today
after school Ryan, Katy, and me were talking and before our
(Katy and mine) bus came Ryan's little brother came up to
us. It is sooo cute to see a guy with his little brother.
Ryan gave him a piggy back ride and everything. But later
on the bus Katy tells me that she kinda likes him and I'm
like thinking, "No I don't need another Erin/Jason thing."
But then she said that she didn't want to hurt her
friendship with him, but I know if the chance came up she'd
date him. I mean Ryan's one of those few guys who are
sweet. Even Kyle isn't like that.

Well, I've completely given up on Jason because I realize
that even if he asked me out and Erin said it was alright
it just won't work. It would just be too weird. So I'm
gonna honestly try to keep to myself anything more then
friendly feelings. As for Aaron, I don't care anymore. If
he ever notices me and askes me out I'll say yes but I'm
not gonna lose anymore sleep on it.

I'm afraid to say it but there's a new playa in the
flirting game. Last Sunday at my mom's surprise birthday
party (at a bowling alley) Tim was there with his younger
brothers bowling (He must play a lot 'cause he's good). So
my sister, my two 2nd cousins, and I decided to go play
after a little convincing on my part. Well, we were at the
lane right next to him so we shared the same bowling ball
dispinser thingy. Anywho, the conversationn was to a minium
but he definately noticed me, 'cause I saw him staring at
me more then a few times. I got to flirt a little but I bad
thing (though I'm not sure) is I think he might have a

Enough about all this talk on boys. Though I must say it
has helped a lot to get it all off my chest. Oh and if you
have any advice email me @ [email protected] I can
definately use anyone's opinion.

Next week finals start and I'm probabely gonna be on here a
lot then. I'm so mad, 'cause I'm gettin' a B- in Spanish
again so I definately have to do good on the final so I can
get a A- average. I know it sounds dumb but I really wanted
a straight A report card. Last quarter I got all A's except
in spanish and that's just not acceptable for someone who
wants to go to Harverd. Last year I got straight A's in
that class but Spanish 2 is a lot different. Maybe it's
just because it's a diferent teacher. I might have to study
for Scince but that would be more of a review. I've been
really slacken this year and I'm surprised my grades
haven't downed more.

Well, I should really go, I wanna catch the end of the AMAs.
Love y'all & please remember to email me anything. I love
coming to a full mailbox.

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