Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-01-10 03:44:58 (UTC)


I just drank a highly caffeinated beverage so, I get to now
not sleep for the next 6 hours, or however long it takes it
to get outta my blood stream... The only good part in the
lame-ass Motocrossed, is Travis' cameo which last 6
seconds, and all he says is something along the lines
of, "I think that's a yes..." I'm a huge fan of Pastrana's
(heh) but he is definitely not an actor. Even in
Revelation 199, some things he says I just cringe. Shane
Bess is better in it :p speaking wise that is.
I didn't do my homework, I didn't do anything tonight it
was great. I was going to go ride my baby, but of know, at
2:00 it starts to snow! It was like 50 degrees today, and
it snows on the one day I was going to ride. Figures. So
now we have wait till the now 5 inches of snow melt, and
the ice goes away. Jeez, how completely insensitive of God
is, *struck by random lightning bolt*
Hummm, oh the whole Myth thing... I had my first
"Myth and You" class today, which is basically mythology.
The teacher just thought "mythology" wasn't a creative
enough name. Mythology - the study of dead people's
religion. Or so some people call it. SO does that mean
when we're dead, religions we take for granted like,
Christianity will be Myth? The Greek's believed their gods
to be completely real, a lot of people believe God to be
real. Till science came along and proved it wasn't Zeus
that threw lighting from the sky but a natural release of
supercharged electrons. So, will scientist be able to
prove God doesn't exist and our whole religions go caput,
and become nothing more but 'dead peoples religion'? Some
people, believe its already been proven, and that we as
Christian just need to accept the fact our religion is
based on myth... *head hurts* 'All the major religions
contain a story of a great flood, so one probably did
occur'... Mr. Flagare, Captain Obvious.
I got asked to travel around Europe and England with a
college guy, I've never met... I'm sorry, am I that stupid,
or would my parents even let me :p I found that amusing.
"Blood on my sock, is what evil becomes"... I'm going to
try to get my license by the end of February. But at the
rate I'm going it'll be November by the time I have all my
hours, *growls* ... oh well, I'm not to stoked to drive the
stationwagon anyway :I ...
I took the gay quiz test thing on to see what
shoe I was most like.... A Combat Boot, sturdy and comfy
once you break it in? What is that?! And the dog that I
am most is a miniature pincer. Cute, has a loud bark but a
unnoticeable bite, and loyal to a choice few... Its so not
my night.
Its cold, and I hate being cold. And I can't understand my
new Aussi Chemistry teacher, and that's a bad thing...
*complain, complain, and complain some more*
AOL radio, is really cool, I wouldn't have ever tried by my
sexy best friend, told me abt Tony Hawks DJ, so yeah. And
its really cool, and they just played Suicide Machines :)
Wooohoooo! Stuplify!!! Disturbed! Yeah! awww, of course
the bleep the cuss words, that's no fun... Ok, I need to
go, I keep pissing people off. I must be overly sarcastic
and blunt tonight. Oh screw them, I like stating the
obvious! If they take it personally they need to get a
Random, Kevin was pulled over after the hockey game for
going 55 in a 25 mph section, so to try to avoid a ticket,
he cracked the glass/plastic over his speedometer. He
broke 2 his fingers, but he didn't get the ticket. Guys
are so funny sometimes. I was amused by that...
Ok yep, I'm going to take my shower now, my eyes are
burning and I need to paint my nails light blue.

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