The Journal of Greg Rodriguez
2002-01-10 03:31:24 (UTC)

January 8, 2002 10:29 PM

Dear Journal,

Hello, and Happy New Year! Sorry it's been so long since
I checked in, but I've been seriously internalizing alot of
the shit that's been going in with me, and trying to figure
it out. It feels like it's slowly getting
better...sloooowly. The last entry I wrote kinda freaked me
out a bit; I hadn't ever actually wrote any of that shit I
thought down. It's always just been in my head. It's good
that I can pick this up again though.

So since the last time I wrote, like I said, I've just
been looking around at what's going on with me. I'm home
for winter break right now; it's okay. It really make me
think about stuff alot more, to the point where sometimes
it's alot to handle. But I calm myself down. It does seem
to be getting easier.