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2002-01-10 03:04:19 (UTC)

everyone's somewhere else

why the hell am i so impatient? why cant i just be able to
wait it out? even if i have been waiting all of my life to
fall in love with someone. patience is hard when the thing
that you recieve is something that you have desired all of
your life. its even harder to recieve if im not even
paying attention. ugh...why do i get so upset? things are
so frustrating. it sucks when you're out and about with
one of your friends and your still not having a good time.

i mean he is a good friend and i always have fun when im
with him...oh well...if only i could meet a great girl.

having a screwed up ankle really sucks. especially when
you're not supposed to walk on it and you have to anyways
cause crutches are the spawn of the devil.