Forgotten Misery
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2002-01-10 03:00:43 (UTC)

Lordy Lordy

lol what is up with me today i am so crazy im scaring
myself here I just got all slap happy when I was like hey
damnright I get to go to a new school hell its gonna be a
new experince I love new things and I love to meet new
people its a big adventure that im gona master lol. O
those Reading this Will u marry me?????????? lol
Ok im stupid but no seriously with my bro being enganged im
like wow thats a life promise of happiness and no more
heart break the magical 4 words im longing to hear so what
im a junior I dont care I wanna get married hehee well not
right now just the promise of it would be hella cool wow
anyways I feel real bad for G He doesnt feel complete
without having someone to love or someone to love him does
he not get it the poor babydoll. I was like that then I
slaped myself back into reality dude i got my whole life yo
im not gonna worry on that shit lol even though G does not
get he is loved be someone and that someone is me I dont
give a shit how far away I am from him my love is strong
and I just want to be the one to make everything in his
life ok be the one force that can make all his dreams and
wishes come true but I know he does not want the whole
distance thing he I believe is afriad of commitment even
though he feels the need to be with some one and be loved
yet the poor kid doesnt know the affect of true love
conquers all and nothing gets in its was and know that love
waits for the day of once again i go on the 4 words but ok
this is the hypher active andrea who could go on for days
typping here ok ok im stopping now before I completely
freak the hell out of geoff which i think i already did hm

The Love Goddess

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