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2002-01-10 02:58:37 (UTC)

what day is it?


whatever day it is...
i get this empty feeling. it sometimes fills up but for
most of the time it just sits there and dwells in my
stomache and such. i just fell on the floor and stared at
the ceiling at band practice. i finally listened to our
music. i really enjoy it. i just wish that we had a way
to hear it, but we're all too lazy to do anything about
it. i hope that we get to go on tour. that is something
that ive always wanted to do...maybe this summer. after
all, life is what you make of it...right?

it really sucks having a disability (even if it is
temporary). it doesnt allow you to do the things you want
to do. as much as i hate it i still must go on, for the
sake of everything that i love...

well, theres always tomorrow...oh wait, it is tomorrow

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