shell's life
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2002-01-10 02:55:28 (UTC)

sex, sex, or more sex

yea...i bet that title made yall want to read this. well
there aint no sex involved in this. i'm just a nympho. but
that's ok

here's the cousins (shall remain un-named) just
broke up with her dude. he called her easy. i guess she was
head over heels. now she is gonna get him back for all the
hard times. he's luckt i never talk to'd be
on...let me tell ya...

i think kacy is goin to another lock-in thing up at great
times. i hate to know what kind of drama is gonna go on
this time.

been havin bad dreams lately. one of them made derrick out
to be full of betrayal. but i think i'll keep that to

mommy came to me a few days ago and told me good-bye and
she loves me...still can't get that off my mind.

well yall...ima love to all

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