Sweet sweet monotony
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2002-01-10 02:42:53 (UTC)

And on the first day....

Why has my life been reduced to nothingness? Well, I
take that back, there is nothingness and bowling. Now,
when you think of bowling, I'm sure an image of a 50 year
old, obese, balding man chain smoking like his life
depended on it and throwing back the brews. Well, don't
get your hopes up. It's a high school team. But it isn't
much better than the afformentioned mental image. Day in
and day out..it is just sucking my life away. I know that
sounds a little melodramatic, but if you had to spend the
only 4 hours of the day you could have for yourself in a
bowling alley with 25 of the most obnoxious girls
ever...trust me, your nerves would be a bit thin as well.
Oh well, only till the end of the month.
The other really crappy thing about bowling my life
away is that it makes it nearly impossible to work during
the week. Therefore, my monetary and college dreams are
swirling around the toilet on the verge of being flushed
away. oh well, shit happens.
On a more nerve wracking note, my band has our first
performance tomorrow. We're doing a cover of a Frankie
Valli and the Four Season's song 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of
You' and also an original. I'm quite nervous. We havn't
done as good of job of practicing as we should have. Oh
well, maybe the ideal of an all girl band will make up for
our shoddy playing. Only time will tell. We're calling
ourselves The Stalkers for now...anybody got anyother good
names for bands, because i dont think that ones gonna stay
for long.

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