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2002-01-10 01:55:45 (UTC)

"no sex..."

for you from your ex-girlfriend, like the coldest winter i
am frozen from you, i was weak before now you've made me
so numb i cant feel much for you anymore, numb..."

yeah well. I got a new SPIN =) woo hoo. actually i got
two cus that one guy's still comes to my house. i'll give
it to richard cus it has kiss and ac/dc and shit.
CIGARETTE SMOKE HAS ARSENIC. okay then. theres all these
websites of pictures of chicks flashing their boobs at
concerts. thats so great.
another boring day. i went to school froze my ass off went
to lunch with caroline dyed my hair and sat around
claudia's watching tv. god i hate tv.
yeah that would be shitheads song. fucker. he called me
this evening all like hey im almost done doing stuf wana
meet somewhere and im like what do you DO all the time,
really. like hes like "i have to go take something to
someone and then go somewhere else and thats it" and im
like are you dealing now or what and hes like yeah i'll
call you after my run so i must have really pissed him off
cus he didnt. he just showed up at my car after school
expecting a ride. so is that how you think it works? fuck
you. "Just dont ask me, cus I'm weak that way, if you see
me walk by, you better just let me walk by, you better not
bat your pretty eyes, you better not stop me to say hi.."
yeah really. fucking. mr fedell was talking today about
how after you break up with someone and youre like "Why?
why? why?" and they look so bad to you. yeah really.
Natasas such a dork.. shes still fighting with elvis and
its the cutest thing. Caroline was acting real weird
today. she goes back to school tomorrow. ashley went back
today. i thought i might see her today but i didnt, i
guess emily came to this side of town. at least some
people put their girlfriends first. shes trying though i
think. i dyed my fucking hair. its like reddish purplish
brown now. whatfuckingever. dude the hot girl from the
movie last night was in the babysitters club. i used to
read those books. she wasnt so hot in 1995 when she was
like 10. Dads suck. oh yeah, people suck. there was this
cool line in the shakespeare book, cant fucking find it
now though. it was in a sonnett, about thinking they are
as good as they are bad... well anyway ill find it later.
i think im guna read something from my shakespeare book
every day to make me smarter. hm. well shes guna be out of
work soon and come over so im guna go call richard until