My Pregnancy Journal
2002-01-10 01:35:44 (UTC)

January 09, 2002

15 weeks and 4 days, almost 4 months along. Today was just
like any other day (well, in the past 15 weeks). I woke up
starving so I ate something and of course I had to go to
the bathroom. Seems as though, junior is using my bladder
as a punching bag. I have to go at least once every hour
or so.

How am I feeling today? Definitely not as paranoid as I
have been. I figured God is taking care of this. I am
pretty positive I will have a happy healthy baby, whether
it be a boy or a girl. I want a girl! I have done those
silly "Predict Your Baby's Gender" and have come up with
many answers. For example, one chinese lunar calender says
a girl while another one says a boy. They are all silly,
and are definitely not accurate :) I have names picked out
that I like, though I had different ones the month before!
Right now they are Mackenzie Renee for a girl and Aaron
Tyler for a boy. I am sure the girl's name will change!

I still think about Matt (the father). I pray for him
every night, in hopes that maybe he will come around. But
he made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the
baby. Well, I think this is enough today. I shall write
more tomorrow!