2002-01-10 01:24:30 (UTC)


Well alot of things have been going on and i have been told
that i need to keep up on this, not just for everyone else
but for me also. hmm... well there's just alot of stuff
and i can't even begin to tell everything. oh i know where
will start... Adam... (big smile) he has been a big
supporter of me and all of my decisions, which is a big
surprise to me, but yes he has gotten me through alot, and
i apprechiate it all. i can't begin to tell him how much
his help has helped me. does that make any sense? it's
kinda weird 'writing' again, b4 it was just in my other
journal and even then it was just periodically. amber my
so called best friend is being the hoogest uhm to put it
kindly uhm... yeah i won't even say it b/c just b/c, she
and i are even more breaking apart as friends, it's kinda
sad to see it end, but everything happens for a reason,
that's how i look at it. i guess. everything is jumbled
up in a big ol' mess, and all i can think about lately
is... Adam. :) ma boyfriend.. yep hehe this kid doesn't
know how much he means to me even tho he thinks he has a
little picture in his head he don't know... i know he might
be reading this and others too so i will spare the details
but he has been so good to me as a friend and a boyfriend.
hehe.. ok sorry, (all bubbly) freakin' a, i can't even
write anymore, i am getting mad, the whole amber thing is
just getting out of control and it's getting takin out on
adam and he don't deserve it, dangit! GRRR!!!! well b4 i
have a break down i'm gonna close...
4 now