between love and hate

there is a thin line
2001-04-13 01:49:35 (UTC)

The other man............

well, needlesss to say i snuck around for 5
years with this man.he and i were in love!
but we had one obsticale that we couldnt get
over,or should i say he did.his age.....
i wanted to have a baby and he thought he
could do that for me ,he would flip back
and forth with the idea,but he in the end of
the realationship he couldnt do it.his
thoughts were he was too old to raise a
child at his age.what would the child
think ,what would other people think?
hhhhhhhuuuummmm he loved me he just couldnt
couldnt make such a sacrafice,and i thought
that if you love someone you do what it
takes to make them happy!i didnt care about
what he wanted i wanted him and a baby,
things started to get complicated more
so than ever so we had stopped seeing one
another.i was crushed ,he was crushed,
i just couldnt understand why he couldnt do
that for me.but then i wasnt ready to give
up the want of a child to be with him
either,this was going on the last year of
our realationship,he would call crying and
telling me he was sorry........anyway i
decided to go on a vacation up in the
mountains and i told him he could go,
id tell my husband my girlfriend ann was i called my girlfriend and she and
i had a plan......she would pack a bag and
come over the morning of the trip and act as
if she was going !her 16 year old son
dropped her off and went down the road at
the store,and waitted for me to bring his
mother back..any way she put her bags in the
car came in the house and we packed the rest
of the stuff.i said good by to my husband
and her and i where off ...i dropped her off
at the store and she left her bags in the
car.and i drove to his house ,12 miles from
mine which he had moved there from 2 cities
to be closer to me.and we were off on our way
to get away and think about all this,spend
time loving one another,talk and get away
from all of it.we thought we wher wrong,
we did enjoy the week but we where stressed
because we could not resolve the baby issue
so on the way home we decided not to see each
other anymore,all we where doing was hurting
one another....we cried ,kissed and said
goodbye....that was hard to do because we
still had a working realationship......
and so we remained friends.....
my girl friend met me at the store......
on the way back ,and she road to my house
with me and paged her son to come and get
her from my house....... he and i called
one another a few times after that and
we worked together,it was a difficult
situation.......and to this day i still
think of him,but iam no longer in love with
him ...................www------------