poisoned darkness
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2002-01-10 01:04:50 (UTC)

good mood/bad mood

i hate days like today. i have nothing to do for the next
4 days besides harass some old teachers, transfer some
credits and sleep. i lead a great life don't i?

right now everything is telling me to create. but i don't
have the patience to sew or to crochet. i want to finish
my blanket, but not that badly. and i can't come up with
any poetry. life is good. i'm trying to create, and i'm
trying to write, but for some reason i don't feel like
being god.

thats what it is, creating, writing, being an artist. its
the accepttable way to play god. you control the fate of
whatever you've touched. its a great feeling. but its
only satisfying when i've had a bad day. and today,
nothing happened. absolutly nothing.

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