stars in the sky emo in the heart
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2002-01-10 00:57:32 (UTC)


yes. i love everything about the outside. well. i got
poison ivy. i should have known better than to tackle my
back yard. i just wanted a place to take sum still shots
with my new camera. i only got a pic of that lil stream
thats in my back yard. hopefully i can drop them off at the
one hour tomorrow. thats if i actually get them done.

man i wanted to make an aim screenname but sum dumb bitch
has the screenname i wanted. i mean come on. im the punk
new comer here.

in high amounts of despiration i called jayleb. sad i know.
sometimes its just hard to let someone go. even though you
did cheat on them.

he said that he was busy but maybe he could hang out with
me tomorrow. i guess thats ok. me a kyle. we arent talking.
i think he went upstate for a little while. but who knows.
surely not me. and i dont think i care.