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2002-01-10 00:24:10 (UTC)

Steve is Jealous and of what? Can't figure it out

Steve is jealous of Honey-Bear and Honey has done to deserve this. Honey and I met via our msntv usernet group.

I tried to explain to Steve that Honey was here for me during last summer and that we did not meet immediately and we never dreamed that we would fall for each other.

I guess this explain a lot. There is still Jose.
Anyway, Steve is nice and all. I may consider him
but he needs to get to know Karissa the person and woman before he gets to know Karissa the lover.

He has already met Karissa the bitch after he no showed three times, and only once with a good reason. The other times were excuses not reasons.

I miss Honey-Bear. I wish I could see him. This
fucking weather is so unpredictable here. One day cold and the next day warm, and then cold again.

Oh Honey, spring will come again.

Love AmericanIrishRose
-Karissa Anne-