Forgotten Misery
2002-01-10 00:16:36 (UTC)

Is in alot better mood

Ok is getting out of depressed mood and the real andrea is
back yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Miss me peoples. The poetic side is taking a rest.
Ok hm what did lil miss thing here do today lol I went to
the mall oh joy lol walked around looking for a dress didnt
find one really I find a pink sparkle one that i like but
thats a lil to much for the military ball I want to look
elegant and sexy at the same time lol and I just havent
found the dress that does that yet lol. Hey in french
pepositional phrases never get any action lol thanx jer for
telling me that ur teacher said that and yes it is funny!
o and you know what jer is a horny lil boy he has a hole in
the front of his boxers from mr happy poking them lol I
love my guy friends love how they feel free to tell me
these things what did i tell u maggie quit going to jers
everynight lol j/j maybe him and his girl alisa in school
oh no lol i feel bad being close to jer now i wonder how
mari is...........................ohwell
wha jer pink and purple thong lol.................... I
had velet grey lepard ones on today lol and my cool bra
that hookes in the front lol hey im open what can i say.
lmnao. Tomorrow I gotta go into to olentangy for a
counselor meeting at 10:45 joy to get my classes set up and
registered but when i start is still a mistery. Man I wish
they had lil faces u could put in here i love those cute
lil yellow ones on ims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O I got glow in the dark braclets yeah yeah lol im slowy
getting a lil more punk each day as i get money to spend on
punk stuff lol but im not going all punk gotta stay cute
and prepy still cause most of my clothes are that lol i
just have the punk inside of me with my bracelets lol.
hm well today is wed wonder if g is gona show or not I so
hope so cause I really want to have some andrea and geoff
time lol i miss that u know well i have to jet later

love always
Lil miss sexy love goddess