I miss you
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2002-01-10 00:15:37 (UTC)


Well yeah. so i had to re make my diary because I had to start paying
for the other one... wtf! and alots of random people were reading it

Today was one of my weirder days. I find it funny how
interested people are in my love life. I can't talk to
someone without someone coming up to me. I swear to Jebus.
If i get anymore crap for talking to Joe again i will just
be crazy. And I won't even start on the Deagen stuff. Chris
saw Joe kiss me on the cheek and i thought he was going to
have a heart attack. Speaking of Chris, just so you know i
am at the moment beating him 5 to 2 at Tony Hawk 3! OK back
to this Joe crap... I wonder sometimes why I even bother
with the boy. He knows that whatever he says i will forgive
so sometimes i think he purposely sees if he can push my
buttons. It sucks really. Oh well. Ani is chimming in on
the subject. She says Joe is gay... I don't know about that
myself but ok. I will probably write more later but im done
for now

**song of the day**
"american heart" by: piebald.

**video for today**
"Cross out the eyes" by: Thursday

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