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life of a porn star
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2002-01-10 00:08:28 (UTC)

its rough being popular and in a clique lol

well lately i cannot wait to go to college. i hate the
stupid petty drama inmy life. people are so fucking
today i had 4 free periods and i didnt have the car so
i couldnt go into school late- so i spent tha time in the
senior lounge. so i get to her what bar so and so went to
the other night and whos bf is cheating on them and who won
the st joes basketball game and about all of these guys
that i dont know. these people are not my friends or ne
thing but i hate hearing about it like im supposed to care.
i like my friends bc we are slightly less shallow yet we
are nerds in some fun ways. no other group in our school
has as much fun as we do and i love my friends.but even
they have been at each others throats lately. i try not to
get involved but sometimes i get pissed. like yestrday
chelsea and joelle were trashing amy bc she all of a sudden
likes to drink and play drinking games an when things are
new to her she gets kinda obsessed. so they think she is
annoying which i can understand but that is no reason to be
bitchy and trash her. so we are all going away together
over spring break and some people think that they will feel
like they are babysittin bc we might drink up there, so ne
ways there is trouble n paradise i guess but there always
has been so we will pull through