lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-01-10 00:05:05 (UTC)

that's why the lady is a tramp

sorry it's a song by ella fitzgerald & frank sinatra and
well it is cool. i guess. i'm still not really
sure. "i'm flat! that's that! i'm all alone when i lower
my lamp!" that's a line i live by right there, kiddos.

yes well the past few days have been really good. thank
heavens we had youth group again & it was cool & we did our
prayer group thing, which is always fun to me. it was good
stuff. and we had our book talk again on sunday, and even
though everybody was full of talkiness, it was cool. i dig

umm yeah and now for missions club we might be going to
mexico or somewhere the second week of when
we're out of school but no one else is. yeah, groovy.

and yes i think i need to give much love to the nice boys
at school. obviously some boys are pervs & jerks or just
in-between, but some of them are so nice. today this guy
named matt saw me walking behind him and he waited at the
door by the stairs and held it open for me & walked with me
down the stairs and it was just nice & polite. like not
freakish. just cool. he's one of the awesome guys in my
math class. i love them :-)

uhh not much else. no complaints. it's all good.