The Sexy Blonde
2002-01-09 23:35:42 (UTC)

Wrong Book and Sex

I really wish there was a book on how to grow up and what
to do in certain situations. Nevermind, I guess you all are
thinking in your minds how weird I am now. ha ha ha. ~lol~

Today was crazy. Jose and I talked on the phone last
night(Tuesday night), and we didn't talk for very long.
Thats okay, not a problem. He told me he was going to come
to my house around 7:30 or so to pick me up. My mom left
the house around 6:15ish and Jose came to my house at
6:25a.m. or so. I was still asleep when Jose showed up.

He has the house code so when he came he put his
car in the garage, and when to my room, he unlocked my door
and sat down, he put his arms around me, and thats when I
woke up. I was real tired and sleepy looking this morning.
I opened up my eyes and I was so comfortable and warm. Jose
took off his jacket and crawled in bed with me. We snuggled
for a while. But as usual, he did his *magic* and turned me
on. We ended up having sex again, just like the day before,
and the day before that. Then I went and got a towel, to
clean up the mess. Then I got into the shower. I understood
Jose when he told me it wasn't fair that I was taking a
shower, and now he was going to work *dirty*. I felt real
bad. I asked him if he wanted to take a shower, but he said

Anyway I got on the computer also this morning to
look up a place for Jose. He needed to know where this auto
parts place was or something, so I got directions off of
map quest, and he wrote them down. Then I blowed dried my
hair, and put on my shirt and jacket and we left.

When I got to school I went to room 106, to go do some
more testing. The reading test part was today. Anyway,
today we got to go to 3rd period today, and it was
different. Anyway I went to lunch, ate by myself, and then
off to my new 4th period, and I got a new assigned seat.
Right in right in the front row. Kinda sucks. Kinda. But
anyway then off to 5th period ipc, then to 6th bcis
computer class. Which was boring and a free day, which
means nothing to do. That sucked. But it was better then
work or anything else. Plus 7th period was okay too. No
teacher, just a sub who gave us our homework, and then told
us to hurry up and cheat or whatever and to stay in the

Everyone was talking, chuncking bottles and paper,
hitting, fighting and name calling. Some people were doing
their work, but only a few. I personally wasn't doing
anything. I just sat there looking at some chicks pictures,
not just the pictures, it was her Senior book, every senior
gets one. But what ever.

I really appreciate Jose taking me to school and
not forcing me to walk, he promised me that I would never
have to ride with this guy ( old friend that was scarying
me with sexual stuff he talked about )ever again and that
was a relief to hear.

Anyways I got on here about an hour ago, and I
really haven't been typing, just watching t.v. and I have
been trying to hurry up this darn entry and get if over
with, already.

Then Sonya promised me she would give me a ride to her
house, which is a lot closer to my house, because it
wouldn't have been such a long-ass walk, but it was, I
walked and walked and walked till I got to my house, as I
was walking up my front steps this boy, not a friend, or
anything close to an aquaintence called my name and told me
to come to him, I just ran and pressed the code to my house
and it didn't work, I was afraid that boy was going to come
after me or something, and I pressed my code again,and ran
into my garage and pressed the button to close it as fast
as I could. I peeked out my front window to see if he was
out there and he was, but he left.

I guess I better go now, I am tired of this shit,

Love, Jessica