i guess this is what u want to read..
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2002-01-09 23:30:29 (UTC)

wheels go round and round

hello diary!..today was a semi-exciting day..nothing REAL
big had happened..i woke up on time went to school on
time..that is about it..lol..after i came home my neighbor
and i went out back to have some fun in the snow, hahah we
made snowballs and put them on the one bush in her yard, i
also taught her how to snowboard, she is pretty good for a
fist timer..hehe..we also had a snow fight..hahah i beat
her soo bad, i put snow up her shirt..lol..then we both
went in...lol..i love my neighbor!..haha...then i came in
and went on the internet..it was kinda boring but i lerned
some french..hhaha..and then i was in my room and i heard
someone laughing outside, so i peeked out the window and it
was my LIL 6 year old neighbor..not the one i had the fun
with b4, but her little sister, she was all alone outside
playing with herself..so i thought i would be a nice person
and go outside and play with her..:)..we went sledding down
my hill..and then she wanted to learn how to snowboard so i
taught her that..she was pretty good too!..she made it down
the small hill by herself!..hahah and then she had to go in
and eat so i went in and came on here again..and thats
where i am right now!..hahah..well its only 6:28pm so i
might be back..byes

crush news: kinda an old flame crush...hehe..but i talked
to him yesterday..and got "that" feeling back

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