this is my life
2002-01-09 23:17:17 (UTC)


oh..i am so bored. this is the third time i have written in
here today. i wish jeb would hurry up and get home. i
talked to my dad today. he asked how i was feeling. i told
him i felt better. and i do. i probably could go to work
tomorrow, but i don't want to get sick like that again, so i
should probably do what the doctor said and stay home. our
combined paychecks for two weeks was only $400 and some.
that is usually what we make each. that's pathetic and
these next paychecks really matter. we're moving next
saturday. i'm excited. we haven't even started packing or
anything yet. maybe jeb'll want to clean and stuff when he
gets home. i hope so. karla just came online. she doesn't
seem too excited. i hope she's having fun at morgan's and
not getting bitched at or anything. i know morgan doesn't
aprove of everything karla does..but she just needs to
accept it.

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