Something like life
2002-01-09 23:13:13 (UTC)

The Force is with me indeed

Hallo. Today, I am no longer useless. For today, I am
employed. I went to a job interview yesterday and totally
kicked ass. They hired me on the spot. I could be cocky and
say, "I'm not surprised", but actually I'm shocked. See, my
resume is a piece of shit. All of my past jobs have been
part-time, temporary retail positions. For the longest time
I wondered how I could make that sound at all appetizing to
the vicious corporate human resource people, when it dawned
on me. While lying awake in bed last night, an evil little
voice in my head said, "Those were just practice." So I
went with that angle, and it worked. Well, after all, I can
be quite persuasive when the spirit moves me.

So tomorrow I start my career at LaserSmith Centennial
Business Products. My job: to call stores all over the
country who need cash register supplies and convince them
that we're the best company to buy them from. It might not
sound very glamorous, and well, it isn't. But at least I
get to do two things I love to do: talk on the phone, and
pretend to be a professional.

When I got home from that interview, two more companies
called that were interested in hiring me. I refered one of
them to Lil (Sludig's girfriend), who had an interview with
them today. She also is now employed. I feel so fulfilled.

Good things seem to keep happening in clusters lately. I'm
hoping this patch of good karma lasts because damn, has it
been awhile.

I've spent most of today updating and adding stuff to my
web page. Check it out if you haven't already...

May the Force be with you till next time.

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