The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-01-09 23:12:55 (UTC)

why not "worst dressed" or "most ghetto?"

This will probably be a short entry, since there's not much
to say. It's been an uneventful day.

I accomplished basically nothing at school today, aside from
finishing my calculus homework at doing some reading. We
had to fill out the forms for the senior humor awards, with
things like "Best Car" and "Best Dressed." I voted a friend
for best car because his is so cosmetically fucked. His
bumper got torn up in a snowbank, his antenna broke off, the
windshield is covered with grease or something on the
inside, and the car smells vaguely of ten-year-old cigarette
smoke. It performs quite well, however, so it's not a true
ghetto-sled yet.

We had a QuizBowl match today, which we won by 30 points.
That's our smallest margin of victory yet. We may have just
been out of practice, or the questions may have just been
more difficult than we're used to. But hey, we won.

I'm going to play some Fallout 2 now. Take it easy.