Evil Elvis
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2002-01-09 22:56:32 (UTC)

Death of a popstar....

today has been a weird day....I found out at lunchtime
about Jon Lee from Feeder dying....which in itself is a
terrible thing.

Then I found out he'd hung himself....which changed my view
in a slightly different way. He killed himself...and left
behind a wife and very young baby, in much the same way as
Mr Cobain did.

What a selfish cunt!

How bad can your life be?? I know people with kids and they
live and breath for them. How terrible must things be to
allow your child to know that's their legacy? How terrible
must things have been for him in his secluded Miami condo???

Suicide is fucking weak....take it from someone who knows,
I've sen the devestation it can cause in a family and
friends and feel more for them than the actual cadaver.

First Stuart Adamson and now this....These guys need to
look at themselves (not anymore obviously, cos they're
dead!) and look at the struggles people in their industry
have dealt with...

Chuck Billy
James Murphy
Chuck Schuldiner (RIP)
Devin Townsend

and that's only scratching the surface of musicians who've
had hard times dealing with physical and mental illness,
but who've battled on because life is precious to them!

If the works so bad for you then fucking quit! Get a job in
a newsagents or some shit like that, don't fuckinh top
yourself you selfish bastard! THINK OF THE ONES YOU LEAVE

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