Allison's Journal
2002-01-09 22:54:35 (UTC)

Wednesday the 9th

One can only concentrate for so long. These finals are
actually consuming way too much of my time. I never
remember them being anything like this last year or the
year before. Eh, I guess one can only whine about finals
for so long.

This is so hard to write because I have no clue who my
audience is. I mean I could keep it limited to a certain
few, but that seems to defeat part of the purpose of an
online journal.

Anyway, I actually did one thing worthwhile today. I
signed myself up for the ACT's. Yes, I realize I can no
longer slowly drop out of high school and become a barrel
maker because of this. But, I guess you have to submit
sometime. Gee, nothing I do is of interest to most
people. I need some sort of direction in this journal.
Perhaps a mission statement would help a bit. I have a
craving for Ramen. Tis a shame we don't have any in the