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2002-01-09 22:42:55 (UTC)

Wonders Of Love

I tried to log on here at 1 o'clock this morning, but the
retarded computer disconnected me & I wasn't feeling the
need to try again. I'm finally on here now though. Happy?
You better be. ~Lol~ Just kidding!

I don't know why I am buzzing so much today. It must be the
mellow yellow I just drank. You never know what they put in
that junk anymore. *Lol*

I know I said before that I was going to take dental
assisting in June of this year. Well, as usual my plans
changed. I went down to the college the other day & signed
up for the business administration program. My first class
is on May 9th. It takes a year to complete & then I will be
able to do admissions for nursing homes. Also, starting
February 4th I will be taking a class to become a state
approved activities director for all the Genesis Eldercare
Unit nursing homes. I am really excited & I cannot believe
that they are offering that class. I volunteered at the
Genesis Unit in Va. That means I will be able to go back
when I find an apartment there!

As always, life has these ways of fucking things up though.
Yeah, my mood did just suddenly change. My parents are
getting back together soon. I'm mad & no I am not excited
or thrilled. Most people would be, but I like my life
without my dad in it. He annoys me & we can't get along. He
like having a baby brother around. He's such an inmature
brat & everything has to go his way. He won't do anything
for himself & I just cannot handle having to live with him.
I guess that on the bright side I won't have to live with
him except for about another year, but I am really pissed
off at my mom for just springing this shit on me. ERRR! You
can never be totally happy. It's always got to be half &
half. I figure that's life though.

I miss Ronnie really bad. When I feel this way I really
just need him to hold me or talk to me or just whatever. I
don't even care as long as I can hear him. It sucks that he
has to be almost 3 hours away. I love him so much & I know
he's just a phone call away, but sometimes that just
doesn't make things better than they are.

Amanda, I guess it's you & me against the world again.
Always has been, always will be. I got your back
girlfriend. Don't give up. Love you lots & Fuck the world!


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