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2002-01-09 22:20:18 (UTC)

after surgery

well, it's the 9th i believe. kinda lost track of time
sleeping off all the crap. well anyways, they didnt kill
me. lol. but i guess i was a bad patient. the iv hurt like
hell. i cried it hurt so much. but i watched tv and crap
and then got mad cuz i wanted a local. and blah blah blah.
the nurse grabbed my arm and i thought she was gonna rip it
off. the iv hurt that much. but the crap they use to knock
you out works like a charm. i had a loose body in my knee.
so i get to see the pics of that when i go back to his
office. but i saw my knee today, and it looks pretty good.
but it's swollen on the one side. and i havent gone to
school...but i guess i have to go back tomorrow. damnit.
lol. i was having fun staying home...except the pain
killers were making me seasick, so no more of those for me.
i dont think they worked too well anyways, but oh well. at
least i didnt get sick from anything...just seasick. but
other than that, i'm feelin ok. i just cant exactly get my
knee wet. oh and my jaw is swollen...cuz they put a tube in
your mouth for some reason...and now i'm feeling sick
again. every once in a while i'll get seasick, like really
bad. so i should stop typing. more when i dont feel like