O_o HuH?
2002-01-09 22:07:27 (UTC)


I haven't seen or heard from Lacey in almost a week. It
kinda makes me busy can a girl be? Damn. I
wish she'd call me or something...take a day off work and
just say "Hey, let's go do something"...but unfortunately,
she's still too busy. She's all I ever think about, and it
drives me fucking crazy! Not that I don't enjoy thinking
about her, it's just that I easily drift off into my own
world...just shut everyone out. People think I'm always
pissed about something because they'll talk to me but I'll
be off somewhere else not paying attention to them. I
dunno...I've tried thinking about other things, but it is
absolutely impossible to get her out of my head. I love her
too much.
Because of school and work, we only see each other once or
twice a week if we're lucky. FUCK!

A pleasant breeze
Blows calmly by
The glaring sun
Lights up the sky
A scent of vanilla
Fills the air
But I look around
And you're not there
It's a beautiful day
And there's nothing to do
It's days like these
That I long for you
For you to be here
Here to hold me
To hold me close
Close to your body
But still I dream
Like I usually do
And I'll sit here waiting...

Waiting for you