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2002-01-09 22:04:32 (UTC)


Well the classes started today! Chemistry was the usaual
fun stuff then I was off to my menu planning class. IT
seemes like it will be really fun, I'm super excited for
it. DO you want me to plan your menu, hehe? SO then I
worked for a while and I was off to African American
Religion class. I never knew someone could say "Umm and
Uhh" so many times in one hour. BUt yeah I'll keep it
anyhow because I"m sick of always switching my classes a
million times. SO whatever. . Then I went back to work
AGAIN. Oh my goodness I was so super hyper at work, the
boys were all scared of me!!! FUN!! If my boss would just
leave and I could play with the boys I'd be super HAPPY!
Ashley and I have a new workout time, 8:00am!!!!! Yeah you
think we won't stick to it but we SO will:) ROck on
Hottness, rock on:) Now I am super starving because I lack
time to eat in my 8-5 plans, opps:(