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2002-01-09 21:51:59 (UTC)

white rabbits

so i'm here, kinda bored, but thinking that only boring
people get bored and feel a pang of regret. a whole hour
has gone by and i haven't done anything productive. now
i'm typing in an online diary to probably nobody and
listening to some random indie music. when i should be

on a lighter note, i got to eat food that was already
prepared for me! yay!

y'see the thing with me is, if food isn't already
prepared, i won't eat. i'd rather starve than make food
for myself. but then by fiesty esophagus reminds me that
it likes to eat away at my stomach when there is no food
in it so i eat something. unless its breakfast. i never
eat breakfast. its gross. so i eat recess. and not lunch.
then after school snacks. then no or small super. the end.
my eating patterns in a nut shell.

i am a genious! why am i not writing books! i bet i had
you at the edge of your seat!!!!!!!

yeah so today someone called me mean. oh my. people are so
funny. but really, im not mean. i can assure you i am a
nice person. its just that some people should just leave
you alone. on days where you would rather have your right
hand cut off than go to school, your sick and the day is
getting steadily crappier and crappier, and they just
won't leave you alone. i just felt like saying to
her, 'fuck, maybe i am mean, but another explanation could
be that you are an insignificant fuck who gets on my
nerves!!! go away and let me become the bark-eating hermit
that i am destined to be! for crying out loud!"

*phew* it feels good to vent, even through typing. thank-
you for enduring that. anyways....

i should look at my last entry and remember that i should
dream more and live out my evil thoughts in my dreams.

i better go do that

peace and a whole lotta love