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2002-01-09 21:45:11 (UTC)

*smiles slightly*

serenitysword: stupid always having to be right... i feel
bad for like being bitchy, and laying all this on you...
like i dont have a right to, like people can to me but i
cant to them and i know its hypocritical but thats how i
Aquabat445: i dont mind angel
Aquabat445: it lets me know whats bothering you and lets me
try and help you like you do for me
serenitysword: *HUG*
Aquabat445: all ive ever wanted to do since the first time
you talked to me was get close to you gain your trust get
to know you better then anyone else i know just be really
close to you
Aquabat445: *HUG*
serenitysword: and i wanna do that for you, but theres this
damn wall i cant pull down...
Aquabat445: and im here to help you try too
serenitysword: i wish i could just spill everything but i
cant... it just sorta comes out
serenitysword: a little at a time
Aquabat445: and thats all you can do

I love him so much.


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