Mislead and Unknown

everything you never cared to know
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2002-01-09 21:41:12 (UTC)

1st Poem- Never Gone

Please forgive me,
I didn't mean to hurt you so,
but I am too selfish,
and I had to let go.

It just wasn't right,
to be alive in the flesh,
but dead in my heart,
I collapsed under the stress.

How else can I explain myself?
you know that I am there,
you know that I love you,
and I really do care.

You are so perfect,
you don't need me in your way,
I'm not there to worry about,
I just couldn't stay.

I don't know how,
to put in words what I feel,
but to start to explain,
I felt my life wasn't real.

All I knew,
in my short adolecence,
I lost much of what I loved,
you've only lost me in presence.

Don't ever forget me,
remember my life so mislead,
for if you ever forget me,
will I truly be dead.

Try to remember,
that I am happy now,
don't blame it on your conscience,
nor ever ask how.

Look deep inside yourself,
past all the pain and pride,
and you'll know why I am gone,
that I never did hide.

Please forgive me once again,
and please grant me a prayer,
remember me for everything good,
and remember i'll always be there.

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