Happy Endings
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2002-01-09 21:26:59 (UTC)

The year of change

I've never known how hard it is to live a double life.
Until Jauary 7, 2002, at about five o clock pm. This isn't
some cheesy spy movie ( i wish). I had just finished a
great (if i do say so myself) tryout for Varity Varities
with Forever and went to go home. When i arrived at the car
my mom said "i have bad news" "What?" I said, not really
believing her. "Your Dad was laid off today". And POOF! in
an instant, a single moment my life turned around. no more
dance class. I was invited to go (YES!) ice skating this
friday and had to turn it down-no money. No more
Frapachinos after Clarinet lessons (and those would've been
gone to except my teacher, Judy, insisted i come). And now,
my family is around all the time.
I love my family but, i don't like spending to much time
with them. They interupt me. They smother me. My mom tells
me to do every little thing even though i'm responsible. My
sister always comes in with some liln annoying thing. But i
love them and they are fun to be around most of the time.
Sometimes i retreat to my "escape". this room. A small
bedroom turned classroom, that i helped paint. This
computer sits on the desk alonside a printer and scanner,
and above the computer hangs a world map. I like to come
here and get time alone to do something i love the most.
I dream about doing and seeing everything. But those all
seem out of reach now that Daddy has no job. I've only
told Brian Detwiler (more about him later), Matt (More
about him later), Lindsey Cox, and Rachel Yeager (same).
They are all really close to me except Rachel. I haven't
told Stephanie yet though. See, i'm still mad at her. I
can't help it. But she took my best friend away from me.
She used to be nice and fun, and i could tell her anything.
But as soon as school started Stephanie turned obnoxious,
so much that i can't stand to be around her for long
periods of time. She always interupts me and starts
telling a stupid joke or screaming some insane nonsence.
And i enjoy those thing too but i really just want to talk
somebody sometimes. aND i think she thinks she is still my
best friend. sooo...To explain my title and wrap up this
boring entry. (no, i'm not spioled brat, even though it
may sound like it.) I had a feeling, ( i get those) that
2002 would be a year of change. and it's already
started...God save you, because i'm on the move to conquer
everything that comes my way--bring it on--

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