this is my life
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2002-01-09 21:09:40 (UTC)

K.I.T. Karla

you know i was just thinking. jeb had told me about how
karla wrote in her diary how much she's trying to hold on to
my friendship and i seem to be doing nothing. that is not
true at all. i call her..she's never home. when we do get
together..she leaves early b/c she's bored. i remember the
day jeb and i had set out to go apartment hunting. it was
just going to be the two of us, but karla wanted to come,
too. so we were happy to invite her to come along. she
left when she got bored. that's exactly what she told us.
she said she had forgotten how boring apartment hunting was
and wanted to go home. she also said that her mom wantd her
home, but she didn't mention that until after she said she
was bored. oh..and she tried to say that she didn't want my
mom to drive behind her so she's go home. she was just
bored. she left more than just that one time. i try to
keep in touch with her. but working 40 hrs a week and then
getting sick and still having time for jeb and time for
myself. i know that is gets difficult.i'm not mad at her or
anything. i know that i haven't tried as hard i could, but
neither has she. she tries to put blame on everyone but
herself. i'm not saying it's her fault, it's both of ours.

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