The Fire Inside of Me
2002-01-09 21:08:34 (UTC)

some stuff i wrote in the beginning of Dec.

i wanna hide from it all
away from everyone
surely i will fall
failure to function

in my lost thought
i see myself rot
so bored with life
and here i am
stuck and lost

don't even know what's right
i know I've done all wrong
i need to rip out of this skin
start over
cuz i don't know
whats right

must i share it all with you
i beg to keep my sanity
my dignity
i wanna have
what's rightfully mine

lost here
I'm drifting far away
its my home-
its where I'm gonna stay

don't think I'll find my solace
I'm trapped in this cold bitter world
with nothing to do
i'll never pull through

time is at a standstill
yet im told its passing by
sometimes i really wonder
if my life is just a lie

i cant tell whats real
this might just be a dream
but it doesnt really matter
it wouldnt change a thing