I'm wearing a stupid hat
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2002-01-09 21:00:23 (UTC)

Numero Uno

Shaz has NAGGED me for ages to start one of these diaries.
I suspect they might allow the eyes of strange folk to
fall on the details of my life, but as those details are
mundane and insignificant in the greater scale of things,
I'm not too worried.

I'll try my hardest to forget that this diary won't allow
the privacy which the word 'diary' connotes, and I'll
write whatever I think of. Uncensored and the rest.
Hopefully it'll give me a chance to over-analyse and fret
over every little thing that is otherwise not worth
worrying about.

Um, a little about myself:
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Country of residence: UK
Country of birth: New Zealand
Life wouldn't be worth living without: writing.

There, that's me in a nutshell. The embodiment of all
things mildly strange yet strangely pleasant. Hopefully
I'll succesfully scare all readers away from my entries by
making them as confusing and irrelevent as possible. I'm
unlikely to share any gossip-worthy secrets, as I don't
think I'm possible of doing anything exiting enough to
invoke speculation. However, once again I ramble. I'll try
to write again, but who knows if I'll be bothered,

Love Renee

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