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2002-01-09 20:57:39 (UTC)

Something stupid

Today has been a long and hard day, first at school I got a
message from Cessy that she had seen something she never
wanted to see agen and I had to promise her not to ever get
that that drunk agen. She could not tell me what it was. It
kind of ruind my day, I knew Dante had one picture of me
and Ed together, could it be that bad?? Well, at Saturday
Dante prommised me that he would not publish my picture, so
I was disapointed of him. I decided to talk to him and
tell him how I felt, be angry at him and start to avoid him
for real. I was so said and comfused.
Then I got a message from him at my phone, he had now
pubished all the pictures form Mo`s party. I asked him if
he had pubished my picture to and he said yes. I decided to
say anything about how dissapointed I was since he had
prommsed me to erase that picture before I sow it my self.
When I got home Samuel was allready waiting for me outside
my house - I love that!!
We want staright in to the compurter and tured went to chat
room, the adress for the pictures was supose to the the
toipc there. When I got in a alarm went on saying that
Stian also was online!!! Wow, good for me he`s not in the
same chat room the picture adress was topic on:-) The topic
was now changed, good. I got some friend of mine to cheek
his log and figure out what had been the topics that day,
and he found it.
I was really nervous and glad Samuel was by my side when we
checked it out. And guess what; the page could not be
found!! I diddnt know if it was only my machine, but I sure
was hoping so.
After Samuel went home I took my dog for a loooooooong
walk, about 10 km. Samuel used to go with me but he is
still in a bad shape. We dont walk that far when we go out.
When I got back in Stian was stil on the internet, I wanted
him to come to me, not the other way......
So I talked to Mo instead, and he said that the link to the
picture with me and Ed probobly was just Dante`s way to
scare me.
Me and Mo decided to meet in the city tomorrow, it will be
fun. Later on I also sendt a massage to Dante and said thet
I could meet him then to.
I dont know if Im that mad at him now, he showed the
picture to Cessy, but says that`s the only person who got
to see it. I heve started to get kind of curious about that
picture, so he`s gonna show it to me.

So I have not forgiven Dante, he`s gonna suffer, but maybe
on a diffrent way.
And S*: well, if he dont start to talk to me before this
weekend Im gonna come to him yes. I just wanna know where I


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