Life as I know it... A BIG FAT MESS!
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2002-01-09 20:49:41 (UTC)

Hi! Welll... tomorrow is my..

Hi! Welll... tomorrow is my birthday and it sucks cuz if
someone knows its your birthday when your at school... they
tell the teachers and then you get embarrassed by people
singing Happy Birthday to you and EVERYONE can hear. But on
the plus side it's my birthday so I get presents and get to
choose the restaurant we get to go out to dinner at, and
maybe even bring a friend.
Anyway, I am at school again and it's lunch time. God..
do I sound boring or what? OH! Two guys got suspended for
the day for talking, BURN. Lol anyway my life sucks so don't
listen to me. And just so you know, I am not one of those
depressing people who say things like "I feel like im in a
giant puzzle" or "I feel like I am screaming and no one can
hear me" or even "I feel lost" or some shit like that. That
shit is just saddddd.
Oh, school sucks, and I am currently planning my
birthday party. It's probably gonna suck or something. I
hope to god my brother doesn't come because he'll prolly
hang out with my friends or like flirt with them or
something. Which would suck cheese. You'll have to excuse
the odd phrases. Me and my friends make them up, just ignore
them. Anyway, I have to go, 1 minute till lunch bell rings
so Peace.


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