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2002-01-09 20:43:06 (UTC)

wedding progress

we booked the chapel. and the reception hall. we just have
to get the pastor, organist and send the money for the
chapel. my dress is in. i just have to go get it altered.
i wonder if karla has any money right now. i want to go
get it, but i don't want to be like well..you have to go
ahead and pay it off and everything. and i have to get a
veil. we picked out the tuxes. they just need to me
measured. it's $141/tux. i think the boys are going to be
ushers. i hope andy isn't a groomsman. i know jeb wants
him there and that this is really selfish. i just want it
to be even. i don't want andy to walk down the aisle by
himself. maybe jenny and i will get to be good enough
friends soon that she could be the third. i have to order
the dresses still. i need their sizes. aunt linda is
throwing me a bridal shower. that will be fun. karla's
throwing me a bachlorette party. that will be scary. naked
man..no alcohol/weed..very scary. jeb talked to jenny for a
while the other day. apparently they've made some progress.
i'm really glad. i wish she was online right now so i
could talk to her. i want to make that progress. i'm a
little jealous that jeb and her have opened up so much so
fast. i don't know. i miss jenny sometimes. i was
thinking how great if it could be the 4 of us again, me,
karla, kim, and jenny. i remember how much fun we used to
have. i miss that so much. i feels like karla is slipping
away from me. i know it's mostly my fault. i'm just busy
and she seems so different from the karla i grew up with.
but i can still see that same karla underneath all the
glitter and make up. i miss her..a lot. i tried to call
her today. she's at morgan's. i hope she's happy. i don't
even know if she is. that's sad. she's my best friend and
i don't even know if she's really happy or not. i didn't
even know she was at morgan's until i called her house.
before i'd be the first to know. i miss how close we used
to be.

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