this is my life
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2002-01-09 20:42:07 (UTC)

been sick

geeze..it's about time i started feeling better. i went to
urgent care last week with a sinus infection. i started
feeling better. then, i went back 2 days ago because i had
this aweful pain in my back and felt achey all over. i was
shaking i was so cold. i had a temp. of 101.3. he said i
had a slight kidney infection. the doc gave me some
amoxicillian and said that if my temp. got over 101.5 ti
come back. i went to dr. tilley's at 1:00 the next
afternoon for a follow up and a regular apt. we heard the
baby's heart beat. he said i was about 10.5 weeks pregnant.
i think it's a little more b/c salina the ultrasound nurse
was surprised he could hear the heart beat at 10 weeks or
10.5. anyway. dr. tilley said i probably didn't have a
kidney infection, but the flu. but that night my temp. was
101.7 and i threw up. jeb called the doc. and he said to
take me to the hospital at least for an iv since i'm
pregnant and throwing up. we were there from 8:00-3:30a.m.
we waited in the waiting room for 3 hours. all i did was
give a urine sample, some blood..actually a lot of blood and
got an iv. i feel much better today. i ate some cereal and
i've been drinking cran-apple juice which is suppossed to
help. i don't know. i actually startd feeling better after
i threw up. but jeb gets so worried. he was really worried
since if you raise your body temp. more than 2 degrees it
starts pulling blood away from the baby to cool you off.i
know jeb was really worried. i was too, but i knew
everything would be ok. i am really confident that
everyhting will be ok.