krazie espy

my crazy thoughts~!
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2002-01-09 18:19:55 (UTC)

im going crazy crazy crazy.....

I can see it in your eyes
That you're looking at the time
You wanna leave this party
And I know you wanna leave with me
To chill with me, to drink with me
To freak with me, oh baby oh...

If you're sexy and you know it
Clap your hands
If you're sexy and you know it
Clap your hands
If you're sexy and you know it
And you really wanna show it
If you're sexy and you know it
Clap your hands, yeah

my other fav song @ the moment! WOO HOO i get paid 2
morro... and I think krissy and I are going to Daytona for
the Daytona 500!!!! wouldn't that be kick ass!! i could see
mark martin! that would kick some major ass!!! its noon
already and I haven't been to bed.. its weird b/c im not
even tired which makes it even weirder im thinking about
going up to my room to watch the fast and the furious
again! I owe my mom some money 2 morro since she bought
the DVD player for me! i love my new DVD player I just need
more than two DVD's LOL!and I owe 150 for school! so that
kind of sucks and ooo I gotta get license plates for my car
jeepers.. Im gonna be broke by the wknd LMAO!.. on saturday
im taking a defensive driving course which is 35$ and then
im gonna go to rugby til sunday nite til I gotta work!!
YIPPIE! :-) ::sarcasim:: I want to go to Islands on Friday
nite!! but I can't b/c I gotta work which SUCKS!!! im not
spose to work on friday nites... grrr one of these days im
gonna take my girls for the wknd and watch them... my girls
meaning my two lil cousins one is three and one is 3 months
old... she is sooo adorable!! i love em both! wel im off
like a prom dress on prom nite :)

Love espy!!

~The truth is, you can always run faster. Sometimes the
truth hurts! ~