Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-01-09 17:55:27 (UTC)

My life

This will be my second entery .. the first one was my
thought for someone who is some how mad at me...
My life is a weird crazy spiral! I do not know exactly why
I was put on this earth.. maybe to just hurt and confuse
some people.. but I dont know why else! I hate my life and
almost everyone in it right! They nag at me and tell me I
am wrong! I do not have a love at this moment.. I dont know
if they could handle me or I could handle them right now.
It scares me, the male race! They can never make up their
mind.. they tell you one thing and the next they are going
back on what they said... I get really confused by the
stuff they say and do. I dont understand, and I am sure I
will never! I cant help but want to love someone...
especially this one.. but he does not love me... I made him
mad and now.. we are in a big fight! Dont ask what for,
because I dont know why! I must go for a while, as to think
of it! But I am scared, for I could contomplate a storm!