Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-01-09 17:46:55 (UTC)

The end of our Love

It hurts me to see you with another
After the love we shared
out two hearts beated as one
I needed you always
and it was the same for you
but I angered you in some sort of way
I hurt you or scared you
You are afraid of my love
My love that will never die
The way you hold me
with the eyes I could get lost in
A pool of blue sea
I could drown
But I am snapped back into reality
When you start to let go
My simple mistake of letting you have me
My whole willingness for you
I just let go
I gave into you
but that was my mistake
Now you can not handle it
It tears at you, eats at you
curse the day I gave you it all
For that was the end of it all
Your love for me

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