at the heart of it all
2002-01-09 17:17:19 (UTC)


ive just got back from a shitty 9 hour shift at work,
starting at 7.00am.. a very ungodly hour. its a good thing
i work on fruit and veg because there's nothing there to be
used as a weapon against all my fucking stupid annoying
smug work mates. attacking someone with a carrot doesnt
really work. although having said that, a friend of mine
was on about 'initiation ceremonies' for various sports
teams at his uni.. its all rich kid private school bullshit
so we all find it rather amusing. obviously there's the
usual nakedness and drinking large amounts of mixed alcohol
but until last year the rugby teams initiation for new
members was to stand behined them and before the
unsuspecting new member could ask "why are you pulling the
back of my pants down?" someone would shove a carrot up his
arse. rather amusing i should imagine, but it all came to a
messy end last year when someone used a rather large carrot
with a rather large amount of force and split the guys
rectum. oh how we laughed.

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