In and Out of my so called Life
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2002-01-09 17:07:13 (UTC)

missing pieces.

sometimes i feel my friend doesnt trust me enough. grant
you she has people all the time using her stealing from
her, and screwing her over, but i am honestly a friend, and
when i do something whether it be to help her a little by
cleaning up her house its nothing more than to give her a
clean place to come home to. i dont go through reading her
mail, or pocketing this or that, i simply try to do my best
and pick it up or place it somewhat orderly. and it truely
angers me as well as hurts my feelings because i am tired
of trying to prove my friendship. i will have to end the
friendship if this uncertainty is to continue. i need
friends and i want friends. thje kinds of friends where you
trust them with your very best because you know they would
never do anything to hurt you and that which is important
to you they themselves hold it important.Today jeff allen
my sons therapist will be coming over in a short time for
our session. he is a real nice guy. i like him, he's great
to talk to. i remember the first time i met with him and i
about had a freak fit, he had the same first name as my
husband, the same birthdate, and this the same and that the
same, it scared the crap out of me. but they are nothing
alike. where as my husband is quiet, secretive, withdrawn,
shy, jeff is just the opposite. anyhow i need to go got to
pick up and get ready for our session. until later.