I hate my life
2001-04-12 21:19:26 (UTC)

Yes I have noticed a difference..

Yes I have noticed a difference in my life. But what
happened today is going to change my life some how. I mean
not alot of guys flirt with me. Just because I'm not
pretty enough or I'm not smart enough and that's just
bullshit if you ask me. But anyways this guy at school
today was really flirting with me. I mean he has always
kind of flirted with me and I've kissed him in the past.
So no big deal right? Actully that's wrong because I do
have a boyfriend as you all know. I just sat there
thinking ok what am I saposed to do. I mean it's not like
it is easy for me to tell a guy to back off. I really like
the guy is my only problem. But I guess he is just screwed
now isn't he. Because no matter what I wont break up with
my boyfriend. Well I might write more later my friend is
here maybe him and I can get the hell out of here and hang
out some where!